Christmas Book Review Day 1: If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

Welcome to 25 Days of Christmas Book Reviews!Today I bring you the first book on our list!

If You Take a Mouse to the Moviesby Laura Numeroff

Illustrated by Felicia Bond

SummaryAnother charming installment of this adventurous, curious, and needy little mouse. The title is about the mouse going to the movies but it’s all centered around Christmas and the mouse wanting to do all the typical fun Christmas and winter activities. It’s very fun, cute with little mouse angel ornaments and snowmen.
QualityThe illustrations are adorable, I’m a sucker for a cute little mouse wrapped up in a blanket. I think it’s a great Christmas book, and I think it’s interesting the title doesn’t reflect Christmas even though the illustrations do.
If you’re wanting to add an educational twist to your reading of the story it would be a great one to ask your kids to recall each of the things the mouse wants to do in the correct order. It’s a great way to test their recall and help them practice paying attention to what they’re listening to or reading.
Craft Ideas:– Create ornaments- Paper snowball fight- Cottonball snowman (because not all of us have snow in the winter, plus it’s a warmer way to have the fun of snowman building)- Create your own ornaments (with or without glitter)AND OF COURSE- String popcorn garland!
RatingI give this a 5 out of 5 Christmas Tree rating!


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