Best Gifts for Book Lovers 2020

Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re like me you’re happy for this season of celebration after the year we’ve experienced. The magical holiday lights, decorations, food, and time with family and friends (even if it’s virtual) is a welcome reprise after the darkness we’ve gone through this year.

My favorite part of Christmas, next to the twinkling lights and decorations, is giving gifts. I love searching for just the right thing that I know will put a smile on the person’s face. I specifically love finding unique gifts to match the interests and hobbies of the person. So, for all those bookworms out there, of all ages, here are the top gifts to get them for Christmas this year.

For Kids:

  • Book Sets- book sets are great to help build a child’s library and I still have the books given to me by teachers and friends who wrote sweet notes in them. Here are a few of my favorite book sets to recommend:
    • Madeline Treasury: Madeline Treasury
    • Angelina Ballerina Books (this is the link to the only book set available, I highly suggest purchasing the series separately to keep the cost low)
  • Stuffy’s or Cuddle Buddies- in first grade the student of the week got to take the cuddle buddy home, this meant we took the book home with the matching stuffed animal. It was better than having a class pet! I think the best way to cinch a child’s connection to a book is to add a stuffed animal or doll that matches the main character from the book. Here are some of my favorites!

For Teens and Young Adults:

For Adults:

When shopping for book lovers I highly encourage you to purchase from local bookstores, they need as much support as possible. You may even find a new spot you love to visit! You can search for local bookstores in your area through Indie Bound: You can also shop local bookstores online if you’re not comfortable going into stores right now, by visiting

What’s a gift you would would want to receive as a book lover?


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