2021 Reading Adventure

New Year. New goals. It’s become habit, a tradition for all, to create new goals at the start of a new year. This year more than years past, we’re all a little hopeful for what’s to come. We’re hoping against hope that 2021, will be a vast improvement on 2020. I do love making lists of things I hope to accomplish for the upcoming year, sometimes the list goes out the water in the second week, but sometimes I look back in December and see I somehow accomplished part of my goals- even if not directly.

This year though beyond my personal writing goals, which I’ll address later this week. I wanted to make a list of reading goals. I’m going to be realistic with it though because I’ll also be working on my second degree and working as a part time substitute teacher. So, I know I want to read new books, new genres, but I also want to reread old favorites. With those thoughts in mind I’ve created a generic list that’s not just for me, but you as well! If you’re looking for a reading challenge, books goals for 2021, then feel free to try this challenge with me! There is a challenge for adults and for kids! If you’re interested in the challenge for yourself or you kids, SUBSCRIBE BELOW. You’ll receive a special code to access our free resources, including the reading adventure. You can use and track your progress on social media with the hashtag, #2021readingadventure – I’ll be posting on my progress and I hope to hear from you too!

*The adult version is a generic list of genres and topics for each month, whereas the kid’s version includes specific picture books, early readers, and a series option each month! These are a grouping of books I’ve read and ones I found recommended, and I hope you all have an amazing reading adventure this new year!

(Check out the end of each blog post for a discussion question! I’d love to hear from you all and build up a community of readers and writers!)


What’s one way you want to challenge yourself in reading this year? What adventures do you want to take through through the pages of books? There are endless opportunities and choices, all you have to do is take that first step and open a book.

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