New Year- New Books

Happy first week of January! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to this year, 2021. If you’re following along with the reading adventure (challenge) I created then you know this month’s choice of book is to be a new book, in other words a book you’ve never read! I love rereading certain books and staying in certain genres, so this year I wanted to start out with a new book and a different genre than I have been reading.

When the holiday season visited the library and found a plethora of Christmas books, as well as a couple of books for the new year. One being the book I’ve recently started The Great Library series, by Rachel Caine. I’m very guilty of judging a book by its cover, and this cover caught my eye, especially when I saw it was a part of a series. The first book is titled, Ink and Bone, and I’ll give my full review on it when I finish it. It’s all about an alternate history where the library of Alexandria didn’t burn. It’s sort of a mix of hunger games and the Elite series. I’m only on chapter three but it’s very interesting and I’m hooked to see where the story is going.

This is a new book for me, it’s young adult fiction, and I don’t always find winners in that genre, but so far so good!


What new book did you choose for the beginning of 2021? Do you like to reread books? I know many who aren’t so I’m curious how you feel about rereading your favorites!

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