Try Something New

This month, as part of the our 2021 reading adventure, the goal is to read something new. A new book, a new genre, as long as it’s something you haven’t read before it counts.

I’m not the best at trying new things, I’m better than I used to be, but I could still do better. Last year I tried horseback riding, and that was a HUGE thing for me. Granted I only got a couple weeks in because of the pandemic, but that’s not my fault. With the extra time on my hand, as we all discovered last year, I decided to go and get my second degree in teaching English. Of course with English classes there will be books to read and I read three books I’d never read, a couple I would not have tried if it hadn’t been for the class. One was a classic and I’m glad I read it, another was a newer book that was interesting, and the other I honestly skimmed through because it was simply put, trash.

Why is it good to challenge ourselves in our reading? Think about it like this, if we had stopped discovering new lands, expanding East and West, then our world be much smaller than it is now. Reading allows us to travel to different worlds, old, new, and make believe. If we stick in one genre, or simply reread the same books over and over again, then we’re stunting our growth, our adventures will be resigned the same places we’ve already visited. So, we read new books to explore new places, meet new people and experience self-growth.

This month try something new, try a new genre, new author, or new series. Trying something new may not always lead us to places we like, but the point is we’ve taken another step into the great literary world that may point us to even better places.


What book have you’ve tried that you didn’t like? What book did you try that you ended up loving?

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