Writing Goals for 2021

Yesterday I talked about my reading goals and today I want to talk about my writing goals for 2021. I’ve already faltered in my writing goals, which I’m not happy about, but it doesn’t mean I can’t pick myself up again and keep trying!

#1. Write everyday

            It doesn’t have to be much, it can just be a journal entry, or a quick writing prompt, but just like an athlete practices and works-out, a writer will become stronger when they practice their sport.

#2. Submit short stories

            I’ve created a few short stories that I want to submit to a literary magazine. Some are old works I’ve fixed up and others are ones I wrote for my creative writing class last semester. I want to be brave and put my work out there.

#3. Create more Adelyn stories, of course!

            Creating Adelyn stories is a way I relax. When a story comes to mind and I’m able to get it out on paper or on the computer, I get so excited! I see the story unfold and take shape, then I add the illustrations and it’s just so much fun! I have some I need to add illustrations and edit, but I also want to write more and continue to grow Adelyn’s adventure.

#4. Write longer stories

            I have a few ideas of what I want to write, but it’s going to take me actually being intentional, setting aside time, all while working on my second degree.

It’s so important to create goals, to give ourselves a road map. Our goals give us a chance at an adventure, a chance to push ourselves towards. We have to give ourselves grace though- because life hits and sometimes we can’t accomplish everything we wish, but it doesn’t mean we give up at the first ball dropped. It just means we pick up the ball or the next ball, and keep going.

Let’s Discuss: Even if you don’t label yourself as a writer, it’s still important to write in some way. Journaling is the best way to get things off your mind! What are ways you incorporate writing into your daily life?

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Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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