January Favorites

I can’t believe January is over and we’ll be entering a new month next week. I keep thinking back to last year when life was still “normal” and none us saw what was coming. This year has been an improvement of the past few months in some ways, and every new month is another step forward.

Last month I started out strong with my reading! I made time to read every day, then I finished the book I was reading and couldn’t get into a new one. It’s one of the worst parts of finishing a book, not just that you’ve finished with the characters, but I find it can be hard to dive into another book with the same gusto.

As we say goodbye to January I wanted to lay out my favorite books, reading and writing gear.

Favorite Books

Before the Sword– Grace Lin This time last year Disney’s Live Action Mulan was about to debut. It took it a few months due to COVID, but when it did, I couldn’t wait to watch it. I love Mulan, and I think they did amazing with the live action version. This book is based on a younger Mulan, “before the sword”, before the saving China. I love it because of the Chinese legends intertwined through the story. It would be a great one for younger readers, and even for parents to read to those kids who aren’t one chapter books yet.

Ink and Bone– Rachel Caine Imagine a world where there all the knowledge and books were controlled by one entity. This Utopian series is easy to become engrossed in, and I love the description of the cities and the steampunk theme.

Favorite Gear

Repurposed Book Marks It’s always nice to find a good, solid bookmark, and these are great because they’re also vintage! These were made out of old Golden Books, and I love the Flounder one!

Book Pouch I love book pouches! I found this one at Books A Million, and I love it because it keeps my book safe when I through it in a backpack or purse.

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