Reading for February

So, this month I’m hoping to do better. I’m having to read a lot of short stories and essays right now with all the English classes I’m taking for my second degree. This also the second month of our 2021 Reading adventure, which means a new reading challenge. This months challenge is to read a love story.

I chose to read the continuing story of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton. I read first book in the Alex and Eliza trilogy, by Melissa De La Cruz, a couple year ago. I had no idea she wrote more until I saw this at the book store! So, of course I had to grab it from my local library.

Not only is this month the month of love, but it’s also Black History Month and February 12th is the Chinese New Year. I believe it’s extremely important to read about different cultures. America is a melting pot and I want to know about all the different traditions of those who make up this country. As a teacher I also think it’s important kids grow up with books that teach as well as entertain. Books by Black authors, about Black history, or about the Chinese New Year, are great for kids to read during this month.

Keep your eye on our blog and instagram because we’ll be sharing and reviewing a variety of books featuring these two cultures. As well as a variety of love stories of course!

Let’s Discuss: What are your reading plans for February?

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