Book Blizzard

If you are like most people you may have been without power over the last few weeks or maybe you are still struggling with the affects of the terrible February winter storm. It seems like we excitedly welcomed 2021, thinking it would be better than 2020, and though there have been a couple good moments, overall it hasn’t been the best. The one good thing about being without power then internet and cable, was the silence it allowed for quiet reading time. My mom and I both devoured our books and enjoyed every minute!

I got through three books this month, which is so much better than how I’ve been doing with my reading over the past year. I hope I can keep it up even with internet restored and school to catch up on. I think having the reading adventure challenge helped me a lot!

If you need a little motivation just head to our resource page to join the adventure!

This February I read a book highlighting black history, a Mulan story filled Chinese mythology that helped me recognize the importance of Lunar New Year, and of course a love story for Valentines Day.

Considering snow kept me home for the majority of the month I don’t have any book gear favorites for this month, but I hope to have some to share in March! I can’t wait for this silver white winter to melt in to spring– it’s truly one of my favorite things.

To find the books I read this February head to the links below! I highly recommend buying these to add to your collection.

I can’t wait for a new month filled with new books! And hopefully less snow!


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Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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