I’ve just posted the third day of Christmas poem, but I will not let this fourth day be late. I will post it today. Without any further ado- here is my fourth day of Christmas poem.

Finding the Idea

On the fourth day of Christmas

I wasn’t sure what to write.

I’m hoping it will come.

Hello? Ideas? Where are you?

Are you in the decorations?

What about in the coffee I bought?

Maybe in the quick mall trip?

Or the Youtube videos I watch?

I like to find ideas everywhere?

Because that means I can use anything to write.

But sometimes ideas are elusive-

They require slowing and looking.

This is just like Christmas.

Cindy Lou knew that Christmas was more than presents.

Christmas is a present of memories wrapped moments

Tied with a ribbon of time to keep them in our memories.

So, I guess I just found my idea.

It came when I stopped.

I stopped and reflected,

And I found what I was looking for.


Published by AbiBlack

Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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