Making Goals in the New Year

I love making goals for the new year. I try to stick with them, and I’ve learned not to let the goals become a noose. I know it’s cliché to make my first blog post focus on my goals for the new year but so be it, I’ll add a little extra though and share a printable list for you to write your own goals for the new year.

My goals as a writer:

  1. Publish my first novel.
  2. Work on the second.
  3. Revamp my children’s book series.
  4. Write every day (as much as possible)
  5. Create fun blogs
  6. Use the writing books I’ve bought

My goals as a teacher:

  1. Start and finish my first clinical
  2. Create and teach a fun writing plan
  3. Take sub-jobs in all grades
  4. Be prepared to sub on days off.
  5. Stay ahead in my class assignments

My goals (misc.):

  1. Step out of my comfort zone
  2. Run more
  3. Drink more water
  4. Stay organized
  5. Try yoga (again)



Published by AbiBlack

Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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