It’s Almost Time!

In 6 DAYS my first novel A Royal Mind will be published. I am so excited and nervous. I started working on it last year and I used the summer to finish to the first draft before starting back to school in the Fall.

I’m glad I did because last semester was one of the hardest of my entire college career- even from my first degree. But I passed and now I’m heading into my second-to-last semester. As I write this (in December) I’ve just read that my first day of classes is also the day my book goes live. Thankfully I’ve hired a team to help me with my marketing which gives me less to worry about as school starts.

If you like books filled with mystery, fantasy, and adventure, then you’ll love my novel! It’s the first in the Legend of Ignis series. Some say you shouldn’t make a book a series until your fans say they like it, but I’m writing this story for myself as much as for future fans. I want to see this story through. If you want to start the journey into Ignis then you can pre-order the book on Barnes and Noble, and the eBook on Amazon. Leading up to its publication I’ll be sharing snippets about the characters, the land of Ignis, and more! So make sure you subscribe to this blog and follow me on Instagram!

Happy Reading!


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Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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