A Cast of Characters

As the big day of my novel’s publication approaches, I thought I’d share some of the background of the main characters from my book. I hope these make you excited to read A Royal Mind, on sale now for Pre-order on Barnes and Noble, on sale for purchase beginning January 10th.


            Aster is the protagonist of the story. She has two brothers, Michael and Matthew, and a younger sister, Amity. Aster is known for her curiosity and her tendency to daydream daily. However, her daydreaming often gets her into trouble and has made her quite unpopular at school. When she’s not doing chores or at school, she spends most of her time the library in her house or outside under sitting under the cover of trees reading.


            Josiah is a guard in the town of Verd. He’s quiet and reserved, but he and Aster become friends in a very unlikely way. He’s lived in Veridi his whole life and lost his parents at a young age. However, he’s not lost his way thanks to a group of people who have become his family.


            Roark works as the principal of Aster’s school in the town of Verd. He is strict but kind to his students and faculty who work with him. He’s tall, a little rugged looking, and has a faint scar from his left eye. His students respect him but don’t find him approachable. Rumors say he has a mysterious past and that he’s possibly a spy for the Vulpes. Only time will show the truth.


            Andromeda, Andi to her friends, is a teacher at Aster’s school. She teaches Geography and Astrology, along with being a counselor for students like Aster who feel like outcasts. With her long black hair and dark skin, she stands out among the rest of Veridians. Her home is the island of Vela, but only she and her friends know why she left.


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Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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