Today is the BIG DAY.

I’m so excited to announce you can now buy my novel A Royal Mind through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I’ve been so ready to share this book with everyone for a while now, but I waited till this day for a special reason.

Today would have been my grandfather’s birthday. He passed away the day before Thanksgiving, and we miss him every day. When deciding when I’d publish my book I couldn’t decide, but when he passed away, I knew I wanted to do something to honor him. I decided that his birthday would be the day I published my novel. I wanted something good for the day.

The Legend of Ignis was inspired by works like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Chronicles of Prydain. C.S Lewis and Lloyd Alexander created magical worlds that not only provide adventure but teach life lessons that have stayed with me throughout the years. I don’t measure my work to theirs, but I do hope it inspires readers and future/current writers.

It’s been a few hours now since my book went live and I’ve been nervous ever since. Maybe nervous isn’t the right word- more like just my anxiety with added spice. I think I realized is that it’s the lack of control I have right now over my work. It’s just out there for people to read. And not just read but review. I don’t like not having control of my own things. But I also know letting go of control is an important lesson for all of us to learn. I never thought I was someone who needed to have the feeling of control but I’ve learned from this situation and others that I most definitely am one of those people. I just keep reminding myself that this is what I’m supposed to do- write. I know my gift and love of writing comes from God and I trust him to use it for my good and his glory. I’m trusting. I’m letting go of the need to feel in control.

Make sure to grab your own copy of A Royal Mind, on sale NOW!


Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a signed copy of my book and a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

Happy reading.

Published by AbiBlack

Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

One thought on “IT’S BOOK LAUNCH DAY!

  1. Oh my dear girl, it is a wonderful book! I was privileged to be one of the first to read it and loved every page. I can’t wait for the second one. God has indeed blessed you with a beautiful and creative mind and I can’t wait to see what He does as you continue to surrender to Him! 💜


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