Books on Writing

Over the past year I’ve begun purchasing writing help books. Ones with writing prompts and others that help me learn better techniques to refine my craft.

Here are the two I purchased last year and that I would highly recommend.

The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus by Fred White

I love this book because it provides a lot of ideas! It caught my eye with the word thesaurus because I love Thesaurus’! This book is divided into topics for characters, which in this case are labeled ‘X’ and in each chapter there are 10 specific story prompts. For example chapter 1 is titled, Adventures of X and is followed by 10 more specific adventure writing prompts.

I think this is a great source for not just the writer but the teacher. Especially homeschool parents who are looking for ways to make ELA fun for their kids. Or maybe you’re just a parent who is trying to help their older child cultivate their love for writing.

The 3 A.M. Epiphany by Brian Kiteley

This one is more for the mature writer, I’d say high school senior and up. But again, I also think a teacher could utilize the exercises in this book to help their students enjoy writing.

I love the exercises in this book but the introduction itself is a great little TED talk on writing and I found it very informative and inspiring.

Write Like This Kelly Gallagher

Okay- this is a textbook one of my professors assigned us last semester but I’d still recommend it for any writer or ELA teacher. Kelly Gallagher books in general are great tools and this one is provides various types of writing exercises and projects that are great for personal or classroom practice.

These are just the ones I purchased in 2021, I have others I find extremely useful and if you found this interesting leave a like or a comment and I’ll do a future post with more of my favorite writing books!

Do you have a book on writing that you would recommend? Comment below!

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