5 Distractions and How to Handle Them

I get distracted easily.

Sometimes too easily.

I can be talking about one thing and get thrown off by the smallest thing- even now I feel myself falling toward a rabbit hole of distraction.


I’ve discovered there are certain triggers that distract me more than others and I bet if you get distracted, we share some of these triggers.

Here are 5 Distractors and How to Deal with Them

  1. Social Media

When TikTok started I swore I was not going to start using it. I knew once I did, I would be hooked. And boy was I right. I started off just watching it on Saturday mornings before I started my day. Then I started watching it the entire weekend. Now, I’m using any excuse to get it on it. I wish I had never started watching it and I’m working to break the habit. But it’s so hard!! 

Social media in general is a distractor to anyone and everyone, but it can be a horrible roadblock for writers. As a writer it’s good to look for inspiration everywhere but staring at screen all day and mindlessly scrolling through funny and annoying videos aren’t the best inspiration for our WIPs (works in progress).

            How to Deal with it:

            Instead of just going off social media cold turkey, start off slowly getting rid of it. I’ve started by taking breaks from Instagram, picking different things to look at or picking up my book instead. Try just getting on one social app a day. You could also try avoiding it during certain hours- no matter how tempting.

2. Any and ALL Streaming Services

I love being able to stream basically any movie or show whenever I want HOWEVER- it has also become a HUGE roadblock in my writing. It’s even changed how much I read. It’s fun to just binge watch shows or find a great movie and just sit back and relax- especially when my brain needs a break. But I’m working on making it less of what I do in my spare time.

How to deal with it:

Try writing in a journal or try a story idea that’s been brewing- something that doesn’t have to do with videos and/or media. Use the settings on your phone to kick you off certain apps after a specific amount of time.

3. Work from Home

We all have work and/or a house to take care of, and we do have to make that a priority. However, during my first year of teaching I realized as much as I liked working on ideas of class and lessons after work, I had to learn to turn work mode. I noticed I was becoming burnt out and I didn’t want that to happen my first year working a job I absolutely loved. There’s a time for work but there’s also a need for us to unplug from chores and work and give time to reading, writing, drawing, crafting, etc.

How to deal with it:

            Take a walk or do some yoga. Do anything that doesn’t have to do with work or chores. This will hopefully help your creativity and prevent you from becoming burnt out.

4. Writing Projects and Writing for Fun

Now, if you’re not a writer don’t skip this point because it can apply to any art you do. For those of us who have made an art medium part of our daily lives we most likely have project(s) in the works, for a client or future clients. I’ve learned that I can forget what I loved about creating when I’m doing it solely for profit or I’ve been focusing on one singular project.

How to deal with it:

Create something random. Create something fun. Use writing/photograph/drawing prompts if you can’t think of anything off the top of your head. Take a walk and get away from the current project you’re working on, and maybe, just maybe you’ll be inspired to make it even better.

5. Ourselves

Many times, our biggest distractor is ourselves. We let doubt, fear, and anxiety from perfectionism keep us from even trying.

How to deal with it:

            Look back at your favorite projects, the ones you worked hard on and feel proud of. Remind yourself why you love them, why they did well, etc. Every time a speck of doubt comes knocking, ignore it and instead let positive, uplifting thoughts in instead.

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Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

One thought on “5 Distractions and How to Handle Them

  1. Ugh, social media and streaming services are my bane too, and they do eat up my day. I think uninstalling them would do me well, but I do do work on social media. Thanks for your tips though!


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