Making Lists

I like making lists. Especially to-do lists. I learned that I also enjoyed making myself a writing schedule- a very loose one but a schedule non-the-less. Over the summer of 2021 my mom and I fell into an evening routine of eating dinner, watching a little television then going off to work on our separate projects, and finishing it up with a fun game out on the porch. I made my schedule one based on word-count. I tried for the favorited 1,000-word goal every day, and it helped me progress in my book quicker than if I hadn’t.

I do have a dream schedule of writing that I’d love to do one day when my books make me lots of money and I can make writing my career. Here’s my dream schedule:

8:00 AM – Workout

9:00 AM- Shower

9:30 AM- Journal/Prayer/Meditation

10:00 AM- Use a creative writing prompt to get your creativity started. Turn on music to set the mood.

10:30 AM- Look over where writing left off from previous writing day.

11 AM- Begin writing!

11:30- Stand up and stretch.

12:00- Lunch and Pinterest mood boards for inspiration.

12:45- Anything around the house that HAS TO BE done.

1:00- Back to writing

2:00- Take an afternoon walk; this can also be a great way to break up writer’s block

3:00- Back to writing

3:30- Check story to make sure it’s flowing.

4:00- Break for the day? Or continue with Write for 30 and brain break for 15! *

Of course, you can make your schedule whatever you want but I highly recommend adding brain breaks for the sanity of your creativity. I also give time for getting up and stretching because my body thinks it’s 86 not 26 and has to move every 15 minutes or I get so stiff. Find what works for you and try it! Then try something else. Be flexible but organized.


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Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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