How to Create a Media Kit

When you have a brand- whether as an author, blogger, or small business owner, you need to have a media kit.

What is a media kit?

Basically, it’s a group of documents with information about you and your brand. It can include your social media numbers (ie: followers, likes, saves, etc). It’s something that you can give to people when you’re pitching an idea, story, or your business. They used a lot for launches, events, etc. You’ll want to have one because it’s an easy way to sell whatever you are doing.

What’s in a media kit?


Business Name


            Contact Info

            Numbers- followers, past attendance (if it’s an event), sales, etc.


            Examples of your work- through images or excerpts from writing

How to make a media kit?

            I use Canva for the majority of my graphic design now. I do like Adobe products, but Canva is good when I need something quick and when I can’t afford to make my own graphics. It’s also FREE which is great perk!

            Here’s an example of a media kit:

Now this is obviously just a two-page version. If I was promoting my book to a blogger or even a reporter I’d provide my book cover, sales, blurb, reviews, and of course my book trailer (that you can watch here).

Media kits can be hard to make if you over think it. Just look at it as you telling people about yourself and what you’re trying to promote in a series of easy to read to documents and compelling images. Make it stand out so people won’t forget it (in a positive way).


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Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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