Using Pixar Storytelling Rules to Create Content (PART 2)

Welcome to part 2 of using Pixar’s 22 Storytelling Rules to create content on social media!

Rule #2: “You gotta keep in mind what’s interesting to you as an audience, not what’s fun to do as a writer. They can be very different.”

Now, if you’re like me you’ve seen how the trend on social media has gone from photography to videography. Which has been super hard for me to get on board with because videos take more time and effort to create. I’ve tried to stick with photos but I realized if I wanted to get my stuff out there like this blog and my novel, I’d have to give my audience what they wanted. I’d have to start creating more videos than photos for my instagram account.

And I’ve found it fun! What I once dreaded has become enjoyable and I’ve found it as a creative challenge that has helped me work on my storytelling skills. I’ve learned the same with writing. I may not be crazy about writing something other than fantasy, or I may like a trope that has long since died out with readers. But if I want my work to be read and enjoyed I have to meet my audience half way.

Don’t read this and think I’m saying compromise. DON’T EVER COMPROMISE. You can still be uniquely you and use the trending mediums. As content creators of any niche or medium we have to go with the flow of the times. And hopefully like me, you’ll find enjoyment in it all!

Follow me on instagram @pixiedustclassroom and follow along here as I continue through Pixar’s 22 Storytelling Rules. And don’t forget to read my novel A Royal Mind available on Amazon!

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Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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