It’s Been a Long, Long Time

Today is my graduation. I’ve elected to not walk the stage because I honestly don’t want to sit there and here a litany of names I don’t know read off as I sit there and wait my turn. Besides I’m exhausted as many TEACHERS are this time of year on a Saturday.

Did you catch that bolded word?


Back in August, just a few weeks before the start of the school year, I received a call from one of the top schools on my list of where I wanted to teach. I never imagined getting a call from them though because it’s one of those schools that people don’t want to leave. However, the 7th grade career lit teacher retired and a spot had opened.

A spot teaching topics that utilize both of my degrees.

A spot teaching my favorite grade.

A spot teaching at one of the best schools in the county.

Even writing this I still can’t believe it really happened. Yet, I have the papers to grade and the bags under my eyes to prove it wasn’t just a dream.

As I thought about my graduation this week, between listening to student’s business presentations, I thought about the miracle of my job. And we’re currently in the season of celebrating the biggest miracle the world has ever known.

Christmas season is my favorite time of year. Between the lights, music, and traditions, it always lifts my spirits during a time of year that is often dark and gloomy. One of my favorite traditions is the reading of Advent calendars. My mom purchased one a couple of years ago by Ann Voskamp, author of A Thousand Gifts and more. Her Advent, The Greatest Gift, is written in her unique, poetic style and one of the doors we opened this week, talked about Abraham and Sarah and their miracle child Issac.

Abraham and Sarah kept waiting for a child but God continued to give them the answer we all dread, no. He kept promising Abraham that he would be the father of many, but Abraham couldn’t understand how that would happen without him having a child. Sarah came up with a world altering idea that still affects our lives today, and it was not the solution God had planned for them. But he still kept his promise and gave them the child he planned for them, Issac. Abraham was 100 years old when Sarah gave birth. He still lived to see his son grow up, he still enjoyed the time he had with him, even if it didn’t happen on his ideal time line.

My teaching journey has not been what I wanted. I thought I’d found my ‘forever school’ a few years ago, and everything just felt like it made sense why God put me there and why I had to wait, etc. Like Abraham and Sarah, I thought I had it all figured out. Well, of course I didn’t. Because that place was not my forever school, and I am forever thankful that God took me out of there. But at the time, I was devastated and I thought God was telling me ‘you’re not supposed to be teaching’. Thankfully, I have a mother who reminded me of all the ways God had shown that teaching was what He wanted for me.

If He hadn’t taken me away from the toxic environment I was in, I wouldn’t have gone back to Marshall to earn my teaching degree allowing me to teach in Cabell County. I wouldn’t have had been assigned to Milton Middle for my clinical with Mrs. Jones in the 8th grade hallway. I wouldn’t have met the people who are now my colleagues and friends.

I’m holding the tears back just looking back on it all.

Today I may not be celebrating my graduation the traditional way, but I am still enjoying this day as a graduate who’s earned her teaching certificate. Celebrating a week of enjoying her miracle gift of a job.

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