Merry Christmas Eve Eve! It’s FINALLY Christmas break!!! It hasn’t fully sunk in yet, but the stress has definitely started to leave. I’m blogging right now so that I don’t let myself work on lesson plans. I’m weird and I LOVE making lesson plans that will engage my students and using the new lesson planner I found on Teachers Pay Teachers. But I’m determined to do some non-teachery things during break- at least on this first day. First things first, getting back into blogging.

This first semester of my first year of teaching in a public school has been great but overwhelming at times. The last of the nine weeks is always the worst because it’s all about helping the kids who haven’t wanted to do turn anything in get everything together before the 0’s hit the fan. Here’s hoping the new year brings new attitudes to turning in assignments on time!

I’m also hoping the new year brings less stress. Life at home has thrown curveballs between injuries and sickness and life in the classroom has been a mix of teaching and keeping up on my own assignments and deadlines. My stress almost hit a breaking point this past week. I had been teaching all day then went shopping at Target with the family. And I still hadn’t finished making my student’s their ornaments or making the cookies I wanted to give out to my fellow teachers. I was about to lose it. I felt the Christmas spirit disappearing.

Then I turned on the Christmas tree in my room. And the soft yellow lights illuminated my room and my mind. Because I was reminded of how God’s light illuminated the world years ago in the form of a baby born in a little town, in a tucked away barn, to a 16-year-old girl. That birth happened after years of silence between God and His people. A time when they were probably feeling pretty down and on the breaking point. Just like I had been feeling until I saw the light.

As the truth sank in I felt the stress lessen and my Christmas spirit lifted a little. This all happened on December 21st, the winter solstice. The darkest day of the year. I didn’t realize the connection until the next day when I saw posts of Facebook. My favorite was from Annie F. Downs:

Light is coming.

Light is our hope.

Hope is what keeps us going.

Hope is a turning on a Christmas tree and letting the light fill the room and heart.

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