We’re Going on an Adventure!

I LOVE teaching Career Lit! If you’re not part of Cabell County you’re probably wondering what Career Lit is exactly. It’s pretty simple really, it teaches students various career areas through four different modules. In 7th grade students learn about journalism, business, tourism, and art/technology. Since I’ve had personal and professional experience in each of these areas 7th grade Career Lit is literally the perfect fit for me.

I’ve taught my students how to write a news article and how to label a newspaper. They’ve created their own business and now we are beginning my favorite module so far, tourism. This is my favorite because, if you haven’t realized already, I LOVE Disney, and Disney Parks and Imagineering is the perfect example for my students in every avenue of tourism.

I like tracking our progress and I decided it might be fun to share here what we’re doing day by day leading to our BIG project. But….since we started this about a week ago I’m going to do a little catch up today.

Activity 1:

It’s extremely important for students to have a knowledge of the vocab that they will hear in the lessons. The first day of our tourism module I provide the students with words along with coordinating pictures. I had them practice their inference skills by showing them the words and pictures together, asking them what they believed the word meant based off the pictures. This went well and I’m hoping it helps them on their upcoming vocabulary quiz.

Most of my classes made it through this little game and after we finished, I announced the first project in our new module. The project required them to choose one of the optional locations and write a very short research article based on their research. They were required to research the following elements.

  1. Population
  2. Clothing
  3. 3 Tourist Attractions
  4. 3 Fun Facts
  5. Food

In addition to the article, they had to write they were also required to design the outside of the provided suitcase template to showcase their country. Unsurprisingly, this was the focus for a lot of a students and the writing fell a little to wayside for some. However, others excelled in their effort on the writing and artistic expression.

Activity 2: Gallery Walk

Once the students handed in their suitcases, I laid them out on the front table and handed out question prompts. The prompts required students to read their fellow classmates work and write about what they read. I had planned on setting the suitcases up around the room, but I was not feeling like rearranging my desks.

In the future I want to find a more efficient way to have students analyze/read each other’s work. I’m considering handing them a grading rubric instead of just a series of prompts. This would help them and me.

Two birds. One stone.

Activity 3: Which job is the right one?

Like I stated previously, I’m LOVING this unit because I’m able to bring in my love for Disney Parks. Back in 2012, Disney produced a series of videos on Youtube called “Every Role a Starring Role”, highlighting the various jobs of their Cast Members.

I had it all planned.

I created QR codes of the videos, printed them out and placed them around the room for the students along with a worksheet for students to record their findings and make an informed decision on which job they wanted in the upcoming project.

I had it all planned.

Of course, technology failed me again. As I tell my students many days, “technology hates Ms. Black”. I even tested the QR codes out a week before and they worked. I don’t know what it is but it never wants to work when it’s supposed to for me.

I’m flexible though, so I showed the videos on the screen for us to watch together as a class and discuss the pros and cons of each of the jobs. It went well and the students used their job fair worksheet to answer the discussion question I placed on Schoology.

That catches you up with the important activities in this exciting 9 weeks of tourism lessons! Make sure to follow along on here and Instagram @pixiedustclassroom.

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