Take Time to Write

We’ve all tried new things over this past year with all the time on our hands. We’ve baked bread, we’ve learned new skills, we’ve discovered how much Netlfix we can watch in one day. Me? I decided to write.
I’ve kept journals since I was little. Writing is a way for me to vent emotions, get ideas out of my head, and see them fleshed out, it helps me think. As a teacher, I’ve realized that not everyone loves to write. I tried to encourage my students to love it as much as I do. Though they may not all have loved writing, I did notice one similarity, they all had stories to tell. Even the mathematic and scientific-minded created interesting and funny stories. We all have stories to tell, and you never know when it’s going to be the story someone needs to hear.
Maybe you don’t like to write that much. Maybe you don’t keep a journal. But I bet you have a story to tell, and writing may just become a kind of therapy for you. So, here are three tips to help you jump start your writing.

  1. Begin keeping a Journal- this can be digital or physical.
  2. Keep a notebook with you to record what you see when you see it.
  3. Creative Writing prompts. Maybe you’re ready to start writing stories but don’t know where to start- then find creative writing prompts! I’ve created some previously that you can find HERE.

Do you like to write? Comment below and let us know if you’ve tried any of these or if you have your own writing habit!

Mystery Writing Prompts

There are a few things from my elementary school days that I can vividly recall. First Grade was one of my favorite years, I had one of the best teachers in the area who taught with such passion and who created a learning environment that made me love learning. One of the things we did every day was writing prompts, and I still have my notebook filled with them up in the attic and I love looking back at the funny writings of a seven-year-old me.

I believe developing good writing habits is extremely important and should be started at a young age. This helps improve grammar, handwriting, and creativity. Creativity is especially important to cultivate at a young age. Daily writing prompts are great, especially for you who are either homeschooling for the first time this year or have moved to virtual learning.

Instead of just giving your student/child a simple writing prompt on a whiteboard or piece of the paper ditch the boring and add a touch of fun with this writing activity!
All you’ll need is a brown paper bag (or if you have a fun mug you have laying around as decorating- or is that just me?), and strips of paper with names of objects, people, places, or you can just use the prompts I’ve created below for easy print and cut!
I’ve also created the same prompts that you can download for yourself if you don’t want to add the mystery aspect/challenge to it.

Let us know you’ve participated in the challenge by tagging us on social media! #Adelynsadventuresinwriting