Writing Tips & Prompts

Writing Tip #1

READ! I know it sounds simple right? Well for some it is, and some people just aren’t big readers. If you’re not a big reader try audio books! 🎧

Reading shows you how to create your own story. Reading inspires you by sparking your imagination.

Writing Tip #4

Writing Tip #6

Writing Tip #7

Writing Tip #9

Blogging Tips for Blogger Day 2021

Writing Tip #2

Writing Tip #3

Writing Tip #5

I created this character firework to help you create a vibrant and exciting character that pops off the page!
One of the most important aspects of a story is the character. I prefer vibrant and exciting characters that really drive the story. A great way create great characters for your story is to make sure you know all about them. They’re your creation so it’s up to you!
I hope you all are enjoying these writing prompts and tips every week!

Writing Tip #8

Writing Tip #10

Today I want you to activate your imagination and create a story based on this picture!
As What? Why? When? questions to help yourself out. Like- “What King Triton looking at?” Or “Why is Triton holding up his trident?”
If you create a short story from this I’d love to read it!!

Writing Tip #11

What would your first day at Hogwarts look like? Create a diary entry about your classes, your house common room, your first breakfast in the Great Hall, etc.

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