A Classic to Read Over and Over: Stories That Inspire (Part 3)

I have books I try to read once a year. I read Harry Potter in the summer and Little Women around Christmas and the new year. Little Women is one I sadly watched the movie before reading the book and was so surprised to see how much the movie differed from the classic work. Still, I love them both, and the newest version of Alcott’s famous work is by far my favorite for the cast chosen and the way it sticks closer to the original book.

Little Women is one of those stories I open up and begin reading and immediately feel at home. I feel like I’m saying hello to old friends. I’ve read it many times, but it always feels like I notice something new. I’ve also realized how important it is to read the same book at different points in your life. I read Little Women differently now at 25 than I did at 18. I’ve identified with Joe, Amy, Meg, and even Beth.

I read it now and I see how the times they were living in are very similar to what we’re experiencing now. I see how each of the girls deal with their circumstance in their own way, and how they stick together through it all.

I’ve never read the sequels to Little Women, but I might make that a goal for this year. Louisa May Alcott’s work takes the ordinary and makes it interesting and relatable. It’s a wonderful book that girls of all ages need to read more than once in their life.


Have you read Little Women? What lesson(s) have you learned from it? Which of the March sisters do you identify with?

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