Self-Publishing Journey

It’s been just a little over a month since I self-published my first novel A Royal Mind (PURCHASE HERE) and I thought I had learned a lot from my mistakes after publishing my children’s books but boy I still have a lot to learn. Which shouldn’t surprise me because we can always keep learning and when we’re starting something new we’re bound to not get it all right at the start.

But that’s a struggle of mine- I like knowing how to do everything first time around and I don’t like making mistakes, even if I try to shrug them off when I make them.

I thought I’d start sharing a little more in-depth of my self-publishing journey so far.

When I self-published my children’s book series Adelyn’s Amazing Adventures I realized I should have hired beta readers, sent my book to trustworthy ARC readers and of course I should have had a professional editor. I also know I could have done A LOT better at the marketing. So, going into my novel I really thought I was doing better by having the professional editor, the beta reader, etc. But I only hired 1 beta reader, I didn’t ask for reviews, I didn’t send it to ARC readers and I didn’t send it to reviewers.

I also thought I had the marketing under control but I have learned I really needed to focus on getting reviews BEFORE the book published so that they could be posted and used to advertise.

Needless to say I’m trying to makeup for these missteps and I’ve sent my book to book bloggers and reviewers, and I’m looking to hire a professional marketing planner.

I’ve definitely learned, or I should say relearned, that with each new venture there will be things we learn that could have made it better, but that’s okay. Learning is important so that when we try again we won’t make the same mistakes.

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Author of Children's book series, Adelyn's Amazing Adventures.

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